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About Allis Chalmers


When Millwood Press decided to produce children's books we couldn't think of a better topic to start with than tractors.  Almost all children love them and this Allis Chalmers tractor was our inspiration.  This is her story: In 1901, the "Allis Chalmers" company was formed by merging the Edward P. Allis Co., Fraser and Chalmers Company and Gates Iron Works. Allis Chalmers built its first farm tractor in 1914.

Allis B -' The Right Tractor at the Right Time' and in 1937, Allis Chalmers showed brilliant marketing and released the Allis-Chalmers model B. Allis-Chalmers aimed the little model B at the four million farmers that farmed 100 acres or less. Allis recognized that the farmers on these small farms still used horses as their primary source of farm power. When they released the Model B at the astonishing five hundred dollar price range the stage was set for the Allis Chalmers B to become one of the most popular farm tractors ever built and a true farming classic.

Allis Chalmers designed the B to be lightweight and simple. It only weighed a ton and had a minimum of parts. However, the $495 price included such luxuries as rubber tyres and a cushioned seat.


Allis Chalmers B Tractor Replaces the Horse


The combination of an excellent farm tractor and effective marketing helped the B to become a smashing success with tractor sales reaching over 120,000 tractors. Allis marketing department had experience with such challenges as convincing doubting farmer the benefits of pneumatic tire. Early sales literature for the Allis Chalmers B was devoted to convincing the farmer that the new B required less work to maintain than horses. Also armed with government supplied facts and statistics along with Allis’ own research proving that the new B cost less to both buy and operate than horses



About Our Allis Chalmers


We were lucky enough to find our first Allis Chalmers at Waimarama beach, on the East Coast of the North Island.  We needed a tractor to pull our boat and someone was selling her. At just $150.00 she was a bargain and pulled 'The Dolphin' faithfully for many years.


Now it's her turn to have some help and as we start to restore her we will show her progress. Hopefully soon she will look like the one in the picture above!




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