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Millwood Press was first established in New Zealand by James and Judy Siers in the 1960s.  Now managed by their daughter, Sophie Siers, the company has expanded with a new focus on New Zealand children's books. With the very first children's title winning at the New Zealand Book Awards for Children in 2016, this small publishing house has started the way it intends to continue!  The back list of extraordinary books produced by James and Judy may yet be re-released, watch this space.

Sophie Siers - Author


A Hawke's Bay organic farmer living above the sea at Waimarama. Sophie and her partner Andy farm sheep and beef and have big tractors as well as little Allis.  They have cows, chickens, pigs, horses and sheep and children and keep busy looking after them all.  Allis is mainly useful for children to play on!


"My most favourite children's books are the whole series of 'Milly, Molly, Mandy' and 'The Bullerby Children', both a must for young children.


Some of my favourite memories of my children's early years are around the stories we read together, a lovely time for families especially 'books in bed' days where we could spend hours reading and re-reading favourites.


I hope you and your children enjoy reading our books as much as we have enjoyed creating them.'


Helen Kerridge - Illustrator


Originally from a farming family in the King Country, Helen spent her childhood galloping the hills on Sinbad  her beautiful anglo-arab pony.  She was surrounded by animals so it's no wonder she is so fabulous at painting them.


Her first foray into painting was as a photo retoucher in Auckland which has lead on to a lifetime of art.  She paints with acrylics in the Hawke's Bay where she is famous for her irreverent paintings where she likes to explore contemporary issues depicted in the form of submerged narrative in photo realist work.


Her work is held in private and corporate collections.


She has a fine arts degree and is now engaged as a full time private art teacher and practising artist.  With over 70 adult students she is certainly busy.


This is the first time she has illustrated a children's book - watch this space for more!

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