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This is the story of James Walter Chapman-Taylor - architect, craftsman, furniture designer, builder, photographer, astrologer and family man. The biography unfolds chronologically from Chapman-Taylor's birth in London to his childhood in Taranaki, New Zealand, and traces his career from his early years in Welington, to Hawke's Bay, Auckland, Taranaki and finally Upper Hutt. Each building has its own history, the clients, the design, the construction and locations are all explored. This book is the result of research over 30 years; a volume that will appeal to home lovers and social historians, architects, designers and students. It captures an era in New Zealand's architectural history that must be treasured, and tells us a great deal about how attitudes ands tyles have evolved from colonial times to New Zealand's contemporary identity. Chapman-Taylor played his part in this transformation with a belief in himself, the confidence to express his individuality and a sense of freedom to explore and experiment, the essence of Kiwi spirit and ingenuity. This is a literary landmark in New Zealand's architectural history and biography. Winner of the Montana Book Award for Biography 2008.

The Life and Times of James Walter Chapman-Taylor

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